Monday, February 11, 2013

D'Lacey Brings Us The End of Days

Black Feathers (Black Dawn, #1)Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lacey

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"When the final days come, it was said that Satan walked the Earth in the guise of a crow. Those who feared him called him Scarecrow or sometimes Black Jack. I know him as the Crowman."

Black Feathers is a modern fable in which Gordon Black's birth, signals an end to our modern way of life.

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The Crow Man by ~chichu-chan

Black Feathers begins at the end. In an attempt to save herself, the earth is in upheaval, ridding herself of a great swathe of humanity, "like a dog shaking off fleas." There are fires, floods, and earthquakes. Solar flares ravage satellites. Illness and disease consume city after city.

In this time, there is great prophesy. The Crowman will come. Some, like The Ward, say he is Satan. Others, believe he is sent to save humanity, and bring about a new, bright day. A singular idea that both sides can agree upon is that the Crowman brings the Black Dawn.

And here lies one of the most thoughtful aspects of Black Feathers. Is the Crowman good or evil? Gordon and the young seer, Megan are inexplicably tied to the Crowman, so we wonder, how will this end? What we know of the Crowman is terrifying, which is saying a lot when the earth is taking her last breath, and there's treachery at each turn.

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There's so much to be had in this book. The prose is stunning. D'Lacey imagery is complete without being overwhelming. The unique plot is well-paced, and populated with believable characters.

D'Lacey has crafted a novel about the dark terrors that stalk us when night comes. Black Feathers equal part nightmare and fairy tale fable.

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