Monday, March 18, 2013

And All the Stars by Andrea K. Host

3.5 stars

And All the Stars proves itself as an original plot with diverse and likeable characters.

The world is covered in a purple dust and there are black spires in major cities all over the world. People are dying, and those that survive and covered in stars or are stained green.

Madeleine Cost is at the epicenter of the invasion in Sydney. As a result, she is almost completely covered in stars.

Madeleine teams up with seven other teens and young adults who begin to refer to themselves as The Blue Musketeers. Madeleine and her new family of Musketeers must hide from the Moths who seek to possess their bodies.

And All the Stars is a lovely novel about strange new friendships and the love that develops during desperate times. In these young people, the seed of hope is nourished by the close bonds of love and a reliance in one another.

The novel is well written, and yet there were times that I was unsure who was speaking. Conversations between characters needed to be broken up some with action descriptions and with character names to increase the clarity as well as to help lead the reader along. The sheer number of characters made this a necessity that was not met as well as it might have been.

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